ग्रामपंचायतीच्या सार्वत्रिक निवडणुकीचे नामनिर्देशपत्र भरण्यासाठी येथे क्लिक करा

पाणी टंचाई २०१४-२०१५ मा. जिल्हाधिकारी यांचे आदेश

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Gazette - Entertainment Department (Part 2)

PROPSED VOTER'S DELETION LIST Notice : Raise your objection to concerned electoral Registration officer If any objection about any elector name in proposed deletion list.

     Nanded District is located in the southeastern part of Maharashtra, Bordering Telangana. The name Nanded is widely believed to have originated from "NANDI" the Vahan of Lord Shiva, who performed penance on the banks (TAT) of River Godavari. This "NANDI TAT" became NANDED. Today, Nanded gains prominence from the Sikh Gurudwara which is erected at the place where Shri Guru Govindsinghji Maharaj, the last Sikh Guru, passed away in 1708.

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